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We have the skill to help your dealer achieve the next level in performance. Drawing on over 25 years of management, consulting and facilitation experience, dealers across the nation have received our insights and learned how to put them into action.

In Today’s Market, Fixed Operations Consulting makes all the difference….

Due to the economic downturn, depressed consumer confidence and tightened financing requirements, consumers are holding on to their cars longer. According to R.L. Polk, the average age of passenger cars on the road has increased by 11% in the past decade, now exceeding 11 years old.

Through the recession, service business shrunk for many new car dealers while the aftermarket experienced history busting growth. While some dealerships are mourning the loss of the good old days, smart dealers are capitalizing on the changing market. Anemic new car sales, an aging national vehicle population, and an increase in miles driven all lead to increased need for parts and service efficiency and a new more competitive approach.

Let AutoWay lead the way with Fixed Operations Consulting solutions customized just for you.

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